Linde Material Handling at A+A 2019
Improving safety, minimizing accidents

Linde Material Handling at A+A 2019 in Düsseldorf

In addition to endangering the health of employees, accidents disrupt operations and incur additional costs. That is why Linde Material Handling pursues a comprehensive safety philosophy under the motto “Vision Zero. Safety in Your World.” The aim is simple: to prevent 100% of accidents in intralogistics. To this end, we develop innovative technologies for our forklift trucks and warehouse trucks, as well as assistance systems, software tools, and training and consultancy services. From November 5 to 8, 2019, we showed this extensive range of safety features at A+A in Düsseldorf—the leading international trade fair dedicated to safety, security, and health at work.

Our Active Safety Vest—simple, but highly effective

Our latest safety solution is an interactive warning vest that flashes and vibrates when a forklift truck is nearby. Developed off the back of the Linde Safety Guard system, the Active Safety Vest with integrated warning functionality is a simple and highly effective way of preventing dangerous accidents involving collisions, which according to the statistics are all too common. Learn more

The interactive warning vest from Linde is the winner of the DEKRA Award 2019 in the category "Safety at work". Read more here.

Benjamin Reis, Safety Sales Manager
Usually a mere warning is all that is needed to prevent a dangerous situation from arising. Consequently a relatively simple product can dramatically reduce the number of accidents.

Benjamin Reis, Safety Sales Manager at Linde Material Handling

Top safety advice thanks to Linde Safety Scan

With the Safety Scan, we have developed a structured range of consultancy services that will help you and your health and safety team improve safety standards for your internal traffic operations.
This advice is based on our decades of experience in intralogistics along with an innovative new methodology. Specially trained experts—Linde Safety Consultants—will guide you step by step through the systematic analysis of the hazard points in your warehouses and production facilities. They will develop specific recommendations for action for your individual requirements and support you in implementing organizational and technical solutions.
The Linde Safety Scan significantly improves safety standards for your employees and trucks, resulting in sustainable increases in efficiency and productivity.
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Other product highlights from Linde Material Handling at A+A 2019

Linde Safety Guard

Wherever industrial trucks are in use, there exists a complex interplay between man and machine. Linde Safety Guard is an innovative assistance system which increases safety for both truck operators and pedestrians in the vicinity of the truck.

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Linde Safety Scan

Safety is a key productivity factor when forklift trucks and pedestrians are moving around in the same space. The Linde Safety Scan enables companies to consistently minimize the safety risks associated with these internal traffic operations.

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Perfect Truck

The Linde Roadster offers operators an almost unrestricted view of the load and the surrounding area. Featuring additional assistance systems and our latest safety solutions, the Roadster really is the perfect truck.

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Fleet management

The fleet of the future will be better networked, more efficient, and safer, thanks to the fantastic functionality offered by Linde’s digital fleet management system “connect:”.

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